Clothes store is in the running for a mall expansion

Clothes stores are a hot item right now in the Las Vegas market.

They are the only way to find clothes that are really nice and stylish.

But they can be expensive.

For example, I recently purchased a pair of jeans at Nordstrom.

I was excited to see that it was from Nordstrom, but they were from the same manufacturer.

The jeans were brand new and they were $160.

I wanted to see how much the brand would cost, so I purchased a new pair.

Nordstrom is one of the biggest chains of clothing stores in the country.

They also have a store in Las Vegas, but it is only open on the weekends.

I went to the store and checked out the jeans, and they had a good price.

I had to check it out again later, and it had more than double the price.

That was when I realized that Nordstrom could be a competitor to Walmart, which is why I went ahead and bought a pair.

I will be happy to see if that works.

If they have the right brand, they could be even better than Nordstrom’s stores.

I also bought a new coat and jeans at Gap.

I am a fan of Gap because it is a good, affordable brand.

It’s not too expensive, it’s not overpriced, and the quality is great.

I love that the Gap stores are open on weekends and there are many nice people there.

I would buy Gap again.

But I am not in a rush to get a new brand.

There are so many options that are available.

And even if I am still shopping at a Gap store, I may decide to shop elsewhere because the quality at Gap stores is better than at Nordstons.

If I were to buy a new clothing line, I would have to pay more, but I would save money because I would get the new items for less.

But when you shop at a discount store, it can get expensive.

I bought a jacket for $70 at Gap, but the fabric is not as good as at Nordstaion or Nordstroms.

There were other clothing stores, like Gap’s Men’s Wearhouse, that were much more expensive.

But that’s my choice.

If a brand has great products and is great to shop at, I will buy it.

But if it is just a good brand with a cheap price tag, I can’t go with it.

If you want to find a great brand that has great prices, go for it.

For now, though, I am going to go with Gap.

You can follow me on Twitter @mikebennett91.

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