The real story behind the fake $1 million iPhone 6 Plus case

The fake $100,000 iPhone 6S Plus case is real.

It looks like it.

And it is.

But it’s actually an iPhone 6 case.

The real deal is the $1,000,000 one.

This is the real story of the iPhone 6.

But the story has some serious, real flaws.1.

The case has an obvious problem.

When Apple announced its new iPhones in September, the company didn’t announce it with a lot of excitement.

Instead, the Cupertino company announced the iPhone with an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5S was the first iPhone to use the A9 chip, and the iPhone 5s was the most powerful iPhone ever made.

The new iPhones also had the most advanced cameras ever made: a 12-megapixel sensor that captured 1,000x the resolution of a 13-megabyte iPhone.

But Apple didn’t release these new phones with much fanfare.

Instead of announcing the phones in a public press event, Apple decided to make the phones available through the company’s online store, which had been running a limited-time sale for weeks.

The sale started on October 16, with a discount of $100 on all orders.

The first day of the sale, there was a huge rush of orders.

Apple said it was overwhelmed by demand.

It told the press that “we could not do our jobs if we didn’t have the best supply.”

This is an understatement.

It was the best-selling iPhone ever, and it had been for a while.

Apple had been a bit late to the iPhone game with the iPhone, and when it did, it wasn’t good at it.

The first iPhone was a bit of a disappointment, and Apple quickly learned that it was not a good product to make.

It wasn’t a great product, either.

The iPhone 5 was one of the first phones to have a fingerprint sensor, which enabled you to unlock the phone by tapping the screen.

The camera had a “bounce” feature that allowed you to take a picture of a face with a quick tap of your finger.

These things worked great, but they didn’t do a whole lot to make an iPhone great.

The other big flaw of the design of the Apple iPhone 5, however, was that it used the wrong kind of glass.

Apple’s iPhone 5 featured a new glass design that had a different amount of carbon fiber, compared to the old-style plastic that was used on other iPhones.

The difference made the phone appear thinner and lighter, but the new design also made the iPhone appear a little more bulky and heavy.

The other flaw of Apple’s iPhone was that the new glass was quite porous, which means it could be easily broken by water or fingerprints.

Apple even went so far as to use an adhesive to help make the new iPhone’s plastic less prone to breaking.

The company claims that this adhesive is “unbreakable.”

But these flaws are the first problems with the case, and they’re all the more important because Apple was actually quite confident that the case would sell well.

It made the case available through its online store right away, and that’s what most people bought it from.

The $100 discount was actually enough to buy a case that’s pretty expensive at around $1.3 million.

But the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus also had their own flaws.

Apple claimed that the iPhone 8+ would have a “better camera,” but the iPhone has always been a camera-focused device.

And the iPhone’s camera is pretty good, but it isn’t the best.

The phones are actually pretty good cameras, too.

The Apple iPhone 8 was the second iPhone to have the new 20-megapixels camera, which is a significant upgrade from the iPhone 4’s 16-megaphone camera.

The 20-MP sensor is larger and more sensitive than the 4’s and has a wider field of view.

And Apple also released a new version of the camera for the iPhone X, which was supposed to improve the iPhone 9 Plus’s image quality by a factor of six.

But those improvements have been very slight.

The biggest difference between the iPhone models was in the camera app.

The X camera has a new UI, but Apple’s app has the same camera interface as the iPhone.

The problem with the camera is that Apple’s camera app is buggy.

The app sometimes crashes, sometimes takes a while to load, and sometimes the camera won’t capture the perfect angle.

Apple’s software engineer, Josh Doyon, told The Verge that Apple has fixed some of these bugs, but a lot more needs to be done.

Doyon said that “in a lot cases” the camera crashes.

He said that Apple is currently “in the process of testing some of the more critical crashes,” and the company is looking into ways to make it easier for users to report problems.

In some cases, the camera may not even be able to record the exact angle that it is

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