Vintage clothing sale: £15,000 for vintage dresses

Vintage clothing and jewellery is on sale at a price of £15 a pair for a limited time only on Ebay.

The sale, which will run until March 1, is part of the Ebay Vintage Collection, an online auction platform which allows shoppers to bid on a limited number of items for a fraction of the usual price.

The vintage fashion retailer is offering dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses and jackets from its extensive online collection.

Items on sale include a 1940s dress from The Vintage House of Horrors by Paul Fusco and the 1950s dress by the same designer from the classic fashion label.

The site is also offering vintage shoes from the likes of Boulter, Nautilus, H&M and Brooks Brothers.

The clothing seller is not only offering a limited edition, but also a limited run of the garments, which can be found at a premium price.

Ebay Vintage Collection is offering a 20% discount on purchases of dresses and skirts from £3,699.69.

The company said it would offer discounts on the same items for customers who have already paid for them.

Ebay Vintage is a niche retailer, and it is known for its high-end items.

The site is a favourite with fashion aficionados for its affordable prices.EBay’s latest collection includes clothes from the new brands of The Hype Machine, the iconic UK designer Calvin Klein and The Haze.

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