A new golf clothing brand aims to change the image of golf for women

A new clothing brand called Kente has been launched to make golf more inclusive.

The clothing brand, which is based in London, aims to promote the sport by showing women who are not golfers that there is more to golf than just playing it.

Kente is designed to make women feel like they are not only golfers, but also players.

The women’s golf apparel is meant to be a way for golfers to feel empowered.

“The idea is that golfers are in the business of being comfortable.

Golfers want to be part of a team and be part in a social club,” Kente founder and CEO Laura Haddock said.”

We’re not just golfers and we want to get people talking about it.

We want women to be able to wear it, not just look it.”

The brand, launched by Haddock and her husband, also has a focus on the female golfers themselves.

“When you are a golfer, you want to look good, you are going to have a lot of clothes and a lot more options.

So the more you look like a golmer, the more confident you are, the better you are at your sport and the better your chances of winning tournaments,” Haddock told NBC News.

Haddock said that Kente is aiming to promote women in the sport of golf and that women have been underrepresented in the golf industry.

“I think women’s representation is very low in golf,” she said.

“Women make up one-third of golfers at the highest levels of the sport and only one-fifth of golf tournaments.”

So it is important that we create a space where women can be heard and we can get that message out there.

“Kente, which launched in London in May, was initially created as a way to provide women with a more fashionable and professional looking option.

The brand’s founders said that, in addition to the golf attire, Kente offers women a range of accessories including women’s fashion accessories, golf shoes and women’s sports bra.

Kenda was launched with the aim of encouraging women to consider golf as a career, said Haddock.”

There are a lot women out there who want to play golf, but they have no confidence,” Hannah said.

She added that it is up to women to find ways to wear the golf clothing that they like, and not to think of it as just a golf item.”

If you are thinking about it as a dress, it’s a dress,” Hagh said.

Hannah said that the company is looking to expand to other countries as well as the United States and Europe.”

In a year, we have already reached the U.K., the U

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