Trump says ‘beautiful’ clothing is ‘beautifully designed’

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump told reporters Saturday that “beautiful” clothing for women is “beautifully made” and “beautyfully designed.”

The comments come a day after Trump announced that he is not running for president.

“We have beautiful people working on beautiful things,” Trump said in response to questions from reporters at a campaign event in South Carolina.

“The only way I can describe it is, beautiful.

You can’t tell by the look of it, but you can tell by its design.

It’s beautiful.

I like beautiful.

Beautiful clothes.

I love beautiful clothes.

And beautiful people.

And I think it’s very, very good.

Beautiful people.

Beautiful designs.”

Trump, who has repeatedly praised his daughter Ivanka for her “beautful” fashion designs, has previously referred to himself as a “beautician.”

Trump has said that the fashion industry is “the most dishonest business in the world” and has called for more regulations on fashion.

Ivanka Trump said on Monday that the Trump family has not made any money from Ivanka’s fashion line, which is sold exclusively through retailers like Nordstrom.

The Trump family said in a statement Saturday that Ivanka’s clothing has been “designed and created by some of the most brilliant designers in the fashion world” to “deliver unique and stylish designs and styles.”

“The family continues to invest in our business, and we look forward to bringing more of the best products and services to consumers in 2018,” the statement said.

Ivanka’s company also said in the statement that “the Ivanka Trump brand is built on respect, pride and authenticity.”

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