How you can get a free t-shirt in Australia

The idea of buying a t-shirts is nothing new to the world of clothing, but if you’re from a place that doesn’t get much attention, it might be hard to see how it works.

But the t-shirt may soon change that.

Australian clothing retailer G&G has launched a limited-edition t-shop in the city of Adelaide.

It’s called the T-shirt Factory, and it’s a limited edition t-sleeve shirt for $25.

You’ll be able to buy the tshirt, which has a white and grey t-work print, for a limited time starting on August 23, the company announced.

G&G is offering the turtleneck for $55, and a black t-necked t-suit for $65.

While the tshirts will only be available until August 23 at the shop, it will also be available at the G&M store in Sydney, the Goyard store in Melbourne, the B&Q store in Adelaide and the Brisbane store in Hobart.

The t-Shirt Factory is the latest in a series of limited edition clothing items from G&Gs to coincide with the company’s new partnership with the country’s top fashion retailer.

A similar t-store in China was launched last year, and the company is also producing a line of t-suits for women, with the first coming out this fall.