How to save on clothes and accessories

The essentials of life in the 21st century include everything from clothes to shoes and shoes to shoes, according to the popular online retailer Recode.

Recode recently published a piece called “The Essential Clothing List” which outlined the most important items you should consider stocking up on when shopping.

Recode said its piece is based on research that shows a “50/50 mix” of essentials clothing and accessories.

The Essential Clothing list is not a comprehensive list of the top items that should be in your closet.

But the list offers recommendations on what you should avoid when shopping for clothing and other items.

Here’s a look at some of the items Recode recommends you avoid:Some of the best essentials for clothing include:There are a few more items on the list, which are also worth looking at:Recode also recommends items that may seem like they don’t need to be in the “essential” category, but they are.

For example, there’s a section called “Dressing Up: Wear Accessories” on the Essential Clothing Guide.

And the guide also mentions that you should be careful about purchasing certain items with a label that says they’re made with animal or synthetic materials.