Sweet Honey clothing store celebrates 25 years, sells rainbow apparel

A boutique of rainbow clothing stores and accessories is celebrating 25 years with rainbow clothing.

Sweet Honey clothing stores, which opened in 1994 in Manhattan’s Williamsburg neighborhood, now has more than 40 stores, including the first of their kind in the nation, which opens today.

“We’re excited to celebrate 25 years of Sweet Honey,” said Sweet Honey co-owner Toni D’Amico.

“We’ve always had a mission to celebrate people’s differences.

We think it’s important to celebrate our diversity.”

The stores’ namesake store, Sweet Honey, was created in 1994 by the D’ Amico sisters as a place for the D’s to go to shop for their favorite clothing items.

It now sells everything from cute baby hats and shirts to fashion accessories.

D’Amino, a native of Italy who came to the U.S. from Italy in the 1960s, said she first came to New York in 1977 when she was working as a waitress at a Manhattan restaurant.

Her parents took her in when she moved to Queens and she began working at a local shop.

“I was kind of the star of the show there,” she said.

“I was so famous there.

I had this amazing store, and I worked there until it closed.

Then I moved to Manhattan and I was kind and happy.”

D’ Amino said her first love was fashion.

When she moved back to Italy in 1990, she moved from her childhood hometown of Catania to New Jersey.

“When I went to New England, I was really attracted to that area, to the beaches and the forests,” she explained.

She married her husband in 1992 and became a registered nurse.

She then worked at a nursing home, and then moved to Brooklyn, where she worked as a store manager at Sweet Honey.

In 2001, D’ amico opened Sweet Honey again in Williamsburg.

“That’s where the inspiration came from, the way the shop was designed and the color,” she recalled.

“People loved it.

It’s a beautiful place.

We’re proud of it,” she added.

Davenport said the idea for Sweet Honey came to her from the day she moved into her new Brooklyn home.

“It’s a great store, but there are more people shopping there,” Davenport explained.

A special birthday for Sweet HoneyIn addition to selling rainbow apparel, Sweet Hose also sells a variety of other goods.”

Sweet Honey has been here for more than 30 years.”

A special birthday for Sweet HoneyIn addition to selling rainbow apparel, Sweet Hose also sells a variety of other goods.

Deverport said Sweet Hoes birthday was the first in the U-verse channel.

“It was really cool,” she laughed.

“People love to come to the store, because there’s a special spot for people who are very special.”

Deverpont said she has no plans to change the store’s name.

“The name is Sweet Honey.”

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