‘I don’t think he’s a predator’: Parents upset over toddler’s detention

JANUARY 26: An 8-month-old boy was taken from his parents’ house in Missouri, and his mother was questioned about the toddler’s disappearance, The Associated Press has learned.

The boy’s mother was interviewed Thursday and was questioned again Monday, and the boy’s father was questioned Thursday, according to police and court documents obtained by the AP.

The Missouri Department of Children and Families did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

An AP review of court records found that the mother, Michelle Brown, and her son, Noah, were detained without a warrant for more than a week after the boy was reported missing on Feb. 15.

Police said the boy had been living with his grandmother in Missouri and had been missing for about a month.

Brown was arrested and charged with a felony count of child abuse.

The father, Jason Brown, told the AP he did not believe the boy knew he was being taken.

Brown told authorities he left the home to take a shower but never returned.

Brown’s attorney told the Associated Press the boy and his grandmother were not married, and Brown was trying to help the boy cope with the loss of his father.

“The parents are not married,” attorney Michael Womack said.

“They’re divorced.”

Brown told police that Noah had been staying at his grandparents’ home and was taking a shower when he left, but he had not returned.

Authorities have not said what happened to Noah after he was reported as missing.

Noah was staying at a motel in Missouri with his grandparents, who have since separated, court records show.

Brown, Brown’s lawyer and a neighbor said they do not know if Noah is still with his grandfather.

Brown is scheduled to appear in court Monday.