Which women are going to be the next women’s golf clothes line?

With the new season of the HBO series “The Handmaid’s Tale” set to kick off in just a few days, the world of the world’s most popular women’s fashion brand is already buzzing with anticipation.

But while “The Womens Golf Clothes Line” is one of the most anticipated women’s clothing lines ever to hit the market, a new issue of the popular “Golf Magazine” reveals that the brand may not be quite ready to launch a women’s line just yet.

The magazine’s June issue, “Men’s Golf Cloths for Men,” contains a series of photos of women golfers who have opted to wear the clothing line.

In one photo, an anonymous woman is wearing a women-specific golf jersey.

It’s not the first time that the magazine has featured golfers wearing golf clothing.

In fact, this was one of its first featured photos in February 2016.

But the new issue also shows an image of a man wearing a golf shirt that appears to have been taken from the women’s collection.

In a statement to the magazine, “The Women’s Golf Clothing Line” was quickly called out as a parody by its creators.

“The WGCL is a parody of the golf shirt.

There are no golf shirts, just women’s tennis shoes and socks,” the statement read.

“The women’s Golf CLOTHES line is the parody of women’s sports attire and is an act of satire aimed at women.”

Golf clothing designer Paul Puey told the magazine that the women featured in the issue were “a bit of a joke,” because they were not real golfers, but were instead “golfers who were dressed as golfers” who had taken inspiration from the real thing.

“We just thought that they should look more real,” he told the publication.

“You know, not just an imitation, but more real.”

Puey also told the outlet that the photos were meant to “create a more realistic look” for women’s apparel.

Golf magazine has also released an image from the magazine’s April issue that shows a woman wearing a pair of women-exclusive golf shorts.

Pueya told the website that the men’s golf shirt in the June issue was designed specifically for women.

“They’re women’s shoes, and they’re women-inspired, and we thought, well, that would work for them,” he said.

Gymwear company American Apparel, which also published the photos, also took issue with the parody.

In a statement on the company’s website, the company wrote: “We are shocked and appalled by the apparent appropriation of our company’s brand, heritage and mission.

We are working with American Apples Golf to address this matter.”

Gym retailer Sports Illustrated, which has also published photos of golfers with their own women-only golf shirts and golf boots, said it would “reject any attempt at appropriation.”