Why you should never buy from a label without having it checked by the FTC

More than 1,000 companies and brands have been hit with legal action over their claims to ethical sourcing and their lack of transparency.

Now, some companies are being forced to reveal whether they are actually testing their products for potential allergens and contaminants.

The latest lawsuit, filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that companies such as Kies, Zara, and Victoria’s Secret have not provided the FDA with the names and addresses of their testers.

Instead, they are “using deceptive and misleading language to make consumers believe that they have a full and independent review process,” according to the complaint.

Kies, which sells clothing under the Kies label, said in a statement that it “stands by our products and believes that the labeling of our products complies with FDA regulations.

We will defend our labeling practices vigorously.”

Zara, which has a similar name as Kie, also said it was “looking into the matter and will respond as soon as possible.”

Victoria’s Secret said it “strongly condemns” the lawsuit and will “work closely with the FDA and our suppliers to protect the safety of our customers and suppliers.”

The suit was filed by a coalition of consumer groups called Consumers Union, and is not the first time companies have had to defend their products’ labelings.

Last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a lawsuit against Levi Strauss over its alleged use of the term “allergy-free” on a label for its denim jeans.

Levi also settled with a group of other denim companies for $10 million.

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