Terry’s Clothes Hanger Returns to the NCAA Final Four

The Terry’s Clothing Hanger, a staple for high school basketball teams for decades, will return to the college game this weekend as the first member of the NCAA’s Final Four.

The game will take place Saturday, Jan. 6, and the NCAA announced the tournament’s final four on Thursday, Jan 6.

The NCAA announced that the tournament will have four finalists, including two national semifinalists.

Three other teams will compete in the championship game, with the winner facing Ohio State on Jan. 10.

Terry’s Clothing’s return is a win for fans and fans of the sport.

A final four berth at the NCAA tournament is the first for the apparel brand since 2004, when it returned to the tournament.

Terry and the Hangers family have been a staple in the high school and college game for decades.

The Hangers have worn uniforms for decades and have won three NCAA titles.

Terry is a native of Akron, Ohio, and has spent most of his life in Akron.

His father, Bob, is the longtime coach at the University of Akron and his mother, Tricia, is a school teacher.

The Hangers will wear the uniforms for the first time this weekend, as the NCAA and the ACC will announce their semifinal teams later this week.