The new shirt for every student

When a teenage girl’s first time wearing a dress isn’t enough, she may want to consider buying a pair of shoes that fit.

For the first time in history, a high school student in North Carolina is offering them to all of her classmates.

The “clothing of the future” is in high demand among teenage girls, said Amy Schmitt, the chief merchandising officer at American Girl, a clothing retailer based in Charlotte. 

The first clothing she will offer is a pair called the “Teenie Girl’s Clothes.”

It’s a black, low-slung, slip-on top that is made with a stretchy fabric that covers the leg area, and has a subtle white stripe. 

“It’s meant to make you feel sexy,” she said.

“I think it’s a really fun piece.” 

Schmitt said the company has received so many requests for the dress, it has begun producing more.

But unlike a high-end, high-priced dress, which typically costs more than $2,000, a Teenie Girl has been designed with a small budget and limited production.

The company is still in the design phase, she said, but the dress is being made with recycled material.

It’s not just the students who are getting in on the trend. 

Teeny Girl has also created a line of high-quality accessories for teens.

It sells dresses, leggings, t-shirts and other fashion accessories.

Schmitt said this year they sold more than 1.6 million items, up more than 40 percent compared to last year.

“We’re definitely not trying to compete with anyone,” she explained.

“We’re just trying to offer our students the same thing we have offered our entire business for decades.” 

The dress was originally designed to be worn during the day, but with the advent of smartphones, kids can now wear it in the dark, in a dark room and in a classroom.

The dresses are made in the USA, with materials like polyester and cotton.

It also has a removable waistband, making it ideal for the teen who wants to dress up for Halloween. 

Schmidt said she plans to make the Teenie Girls line available to all schools in the state in the spring.

She said it’s only going to be available for select schools.

“We can’t offer the Teeny Girl’s to everyone,” she laughed.

“But if you have an area that has a limited supply, we think it will appeal to that audience.” 

 American Girl has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years, with its high-street stores and online sales.

It has become a “global brand,” with sales growing by more than 400 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to the company’s website. 

Its founder, Melissa Minton, has worked for the company for almost three decades.

Her husband, Chris Minton Jr., is CEO of the American Girl store chain.

He said the family’s goal is to make a great clothing brand for teenagers, but also a good business to make. 

American Girls began as a family business and Minton said the business started out with one girl in the family.

“She always liked to make things and would work hard to make them,” she recalled.

“It’s a very positive story.” 

“If we have an opportunity, we’re going to go all the way,” Chris Minson added.

“If we can’t, we won’t.

It would be like selling a lottery ticket.” 

Minton said she is proud of American Girls’ success and hopes her daughter can find a way to follow in the footsteps of her dad.

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