What do you wear to your hike? template A backpack and a pair of hiking clothes are ideal for long-distance hikes, especially when the weather is dry.

The best hiking clothes for hiking are simple but also stylish and functional.

They don’t just look good, they function well too.

Here are five basic hiking clothing options that are well-suited to most hiking seasons: a lightweight backpack with pockets A lightweight backpack and some hiking gear is the ideal way to go for long distance hikes.

They provide enough room to carry a pack and other essentials.

They can be worn with long pants and can even be worn in shorts.

A lightweight hiking backpack, such as a Vibram® Gore-Tex® fabric backpack or a Bouldin® jacket, can also be used as a base layer and layer for long hiking days.

The lightweight backpack, especially with a zipper closure, makes hiking more comfortable for longer hikes and can provide some extra storage.

A comfortable hiking bag and long pants can be combined to make a lightweight hiking outfit that looks and feels good on a long hike.

A light pack for the price.

A backpack for $30 to $40 is an affordable way to get started on a longer hike.

Many backpackers who start with a lightweight pack for long hikes will find it to be an economical and comfortable way to start their hiking adventures.

A quality hiking gear pack.

A good hiking pack is a must-have for anyone planning a long-range hike.

You can always use a lightweight, waterproof hiking pack as a hiking bag if the weather turns dry and you’re planning to hike with an experienced group.

A sturdy, waterproof outdoor jacket is a great addition to a backpack.

If you don’t have one yet, consider one of these waterproof hiking jackets.

It’s worth the extra money for the protection, warmth and features that hiking gear packs provide.

A pack for longer.

The length of a hiking pack can be an important factor when deciding whether or not to get a pack.

For long-haul hiking, a long pack is usually the best choice.

For shorter distances, a lightweight long pack or an outdoor jacket can be a good option.

A waterproof outdoor backpack.

A versatile and functional outdoor backpack is also a great option for long distances.

The best outdoor backpack for long trips includes a waterproof layer that won’t leave a mark.

It can be made of a lightweight or a waterproof fabric that will not allow water to get into your backpack.

For an extra $50, you can add a waterproof jacket or pack for hiking, and this is a perfect option for those looking for a longer haul.

A quick-dry hiking jacket.

A great way to add some warmth and protection to your hiking outfit, a quick-drying hiking jacket can also provide some warmth for shorter distances.

For hiking in cold weather, a jacket that’s waterproof will keep you warm and dry in cold temperatures.

A stylish hiking backpack.

Hiking gear that’s stylish and comfortable can also help you on a short hike.

Look for a backpack with a shoulder strap and pockets that can be used to carry more items.

This is a good way to carry your phone and other accessories while you’re out on the trail.

A pair of comfortable hiking shoes.

You’ll want to look for hiking shoes that are comfortable and will fit well on your feet.

Many hikers also wear sandals or hiking boots for long periods of time, so wearing a pair or two of comfortable shoes will add some extra warmth and comfort to your walking shoes.

A bag that’s durable.

Hanging your hiking gear on a tree trunk is an easy way to pack a little extra weight and add some style to your gear.

This type of bag will also help protect your equipment and keep your equipment cool while hiking.

A tent that’s built for long haul.

The perfect camping gear for long travel includes a tent that will keep your gear cool during long hikes.

This can be the case for long trails like those of Mount Everest or the Himalayan peaks.

A simple backpack.

You don’t need to spend much on your hiking equipment to get some good hiking gear.

A basic hiking backpack or backpack with some lightweight hiking gear will be enough for most long-duration trips.

The basic hiking bag can also give you a basic backpack for your long-term adventures, such a bag that can carry a sleeping pad and a few extra essentials like a compass, a torch and a rain cover.

The basics.

A minimalist backpack is a lightweight and functional hiking backpack that will help you hike in the cold and can be good for shorter trips as well.

The minimalist backpack, however, can get pricey if you’re spending money on a lot of hiking gear or a lot more than you need.

A long-sleeve jacket and pants for $50 to $60.

The $50-$60 bag that offers the best of both worlds is one of the best hiking gear choices you can make for the money.

This backpack will give you the warmth and style that you need, while keeping the

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