‘Weird’ clothing and accessories found at former Melbourne home

A man has discovered strange clothing and items from his childhood home after a search for items found on the property in Melbourne’s west.

Key points:A Victorian police officer said it was a “horrific discovery”The man found a number of items, including clothing and bedding, in the attic of his homeThe items included clothes for a children’s dollThe items were found in the late 1990sThe item is described as “very odd”The items are said to be a “very strange” find by the Victorian Police.

“We’ve got a gentleman who has spent a lot of time at the house.

And he’s found a lot more items that he’s not quite sure what they are,” Detective Inspector Jason Molyneux said.”

It’s a horrific discovery.”

Police have been called to the property at Rottnest Road in the north-east of Melbourne.

“A Victorian Police officer was on the scene and he’s called us back to confirm it was indeed a property and that the items are actually old clothing that were in there, which was quite a shock,” Mr Molynes said.”[The officer] was at the door and it was quite obvious the house was a bit abandoned.”

Mr Molyngueux said the man had searched the property, which had previously been used as a hotel, and found an abandoned wardrobe and bed linen.

“He said that when he was walking back into the house and he found the clothing in there,” Detective Sergeant John Lewis said.’

I don’t know how much I’m gonna pay for it’The items have not been identified but Mr Lewis said they were “very unusual”.

“They are quite bizarre in that they were worn, that they are quite thick and they are all worn, they were all very thin and they were very long, and all they were wrapped in was a thick paper bag and it had a lot on it,” Detective Lewis said

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