Gap: No way to beat our suppliers

Gap, which has been the target of criticism from lawmakers and environmental groups for the supply chain it uses for its clothing, announced Thursday that it will no longer be sourcing any of its clothing from suppliers that use harsh environmental and health-related methods.

The decision is part of a larger overhaul of its supply chain that will end the use of third-party suppliers and is aimed at reducing the impact of its suppliers’ products on its brands.

In a statement, Gap said it will focus on sourcing its own products from sustainable, sustainable suppliers.

“We will focus more on sourcing the products we love, and the quality and quality control we know best,” the statement said.

Gap said the move will allow it to better focus on its sustainability goals.

Gap’s announcement comes just days after Walmart said it would end its agreement with the textile company Alstom.

Gap is also working with a group of suppliers to find alternatives to the toxic and often expensive fabrics used in its clothing.