The ‘cool’ emo girls of ‘The Young Ones’ are in your closet

I had been hoping to hear more about Emo and its impact on the fashion world for years.

It was always one of my favourite bands.

They always played at the most fashionable venues, and there was never a bad place to be when they were in town.

I was obsessed with the band, the music, the culture, and the people.

They were the coolest people in the world. 

But the thing that I didn’t really understand until I was a teen was how this stuff really affects our lives.

We live in a world of ‘We can do it!’

The music and the lifestyle and the clothes and the food and the media, all of that can change our lives in ways that the clothes don’t.

But in the end, we’re still trying to survive, and we’re not going to change overnight.

Emo’s impact on my life has been profound. 

I remember being at the end of my first year of high school and the girls at the dance party were wearing their Emo dresses and shoes.

I remember feeling like, ‘I don’t want to be this girl anymore.

I’m done with this girl.

It’s not going back to the way it was, it’s not ever going to be the same again.’

And that was when I knew that it was time to go. 

My favourite Emo girl was a girl in my class, and she had the exact same clothes, and her hair was the exact exact same shade of grey, but she was also wearing the exact colour of her Emo dress.

It made me feel so much better about myself. 

Emo also changed my mindset.

I don’t really listen to music as much anymore.

Even though I’m still a fan, I don’t really listen at all.

I think that if I do listen, I listen to what Emo was doing at the time, or what I thought was cool, and I didn’ think of the stuff that I was doing as emo.

Emos influence on my personality changed the way I dress. 

It made me think about the importance of being ‘cool’. 

When I was 16, I started to notice that I wasn’t wearing clothes that were appropriate for my age anymore.

There were more boys wearing jeans and T-shirts and Tumblrs and jeans.

That was pretty shocking. 

Then, I noticed that girls weren’t wearing anything like their Emos.

I noticed they were wearing clothes like their high school friends.

And I started noticing that girls were wearing everything that I’d never wear in my life. 

The things that I’m into now are very different than what I was into. 

So, I’ve been wearing emo ever since.

I’ve always wanted to wear it, but it never felt right.

I wanted to dress like a girl, but I didn”t have a lot of confidence in what I wanted. 

After the breakup, I tried to find a way to fit in.

I didn”t want to feel like I had to conform to anything, or be seen as anything. 

Being Emo meant that I never had to compromise my individuality.

It”s like I was able to wear whatever I wanted, and be whoever I wanted and have fun with it. 

At the same time, it meant that Emo also made me understand that I”m not alone.

It means that I can be myself, and it means that people can be themselves. 

As a person, I still try to be an Emo.

I still have my clothes.

I”ll still go to a bar and wear emo, and a lot people are going to think, ‘Oh, she”s just wearing emos.’ 

But I also have people who look up to me, who say, ‘She”s an emo,’ and I think, No, that is what I am. 

(Emo singer) Rebecca (Haggard) was always my favourite, and my favourite Emos are all pretty much my closest friends.

I know people who are really cool Emos, and if I meet them, I can just say, You are the best, you are amazing, you were awesome. 

And I”ve also met people who say to me ‘I”m an emos. 

‘And that means a lot to me.’ 

So I have a group of friends, and they are just like, Emo is cool, it”s cool, Emos can do anything.

They”re cool, but they”re also like, We are cool, too.

Emojis and Emos have changed me, but the biggest change has been through music.

Emoji can be the soundtrack to any conversation.

It is a powerful thing, and Emoji-speak is just such a powerful, beautiful thing. 

That said, I have yet to meet anyone who isn”t Emo, even though I