When Apple’s new “Drip” app turns heads, the rest of the industry looks to the future

By now, you’ve probably heard the phrase “drip” a lot.

“Dip” is a slang term for a person who dyes a clothesline or garment, usually in an effort to highlight the individual’s individual style.

The term is a nod to a popular, and much-maligned, fashion magazine that ran ads in the late ’80s and early ’90s featuring a series of celebrities in brightly colored shirts and ties with a phrase like “DIP DOWN” on them.

But over the past decade, the fashion world has come to appreciate the term, and many fashion designers and designers are taking it a step further with new apparel designs that utilize the phrase.

For example, designer Giorgio Armani recently announced the creation of a line of “dip” dresses, which look similar to the original ad but incorporate a more traditional “drop.”

Armanis line is “dips on the dyes” but in a modern twist.

“There’s an emphasis on the individuality, which is something that’s always been important to us, especially with the new technology,” he said.

The line includes a range of dyes, and each color has its own personality.

The “dirt” that Armania uses is the same dye that was used to dye the original Arman’s ads.

“We used a lot of organic dyes to create this unique and unique color palette,” Arman told TechCrunch.

“The dye has been hand-painted and hand-tinted by hand, and it’s hand-selected and made to be beautiful and unique, and that’s what we wanted to do.”

Armentier, Arman, and others have been experimenting with the concept for a while.

The first ad to feature the term was released in 2000, and Arman and Armenti have continued to explore the term.

The duo is working with designers to create new dyes with different textures, patterns, and colors.

For instance, the company recently partnered with the designer Stella McCartney to create a new, “diamond-shaped” dyes.

McCartney is known for her use of a wide range of materials and colors to create her art, and she recently created a line called “Diary.”

The “Diaries” line includes fabrics that look like diamonds, and are also available in an all-white or light-up shade of blue.

“If you’ve ever been to the museum, you’ll know that all of the art pieces are in glass cases,” McCartney told Tech Crunch.

“So you get to see them on display in all their different states of perfection, and this is a great way to explore what we’re all trying to achieve with this collection.”

“We’ve always been interested in the idea of how do you express a character,” McCartney said.

“In a fashion world where the clothes are always changing, and we’re constantly changing ourselves and our lives, that idea of the ‘drip’ ad was a really powerful idea.

I think that’s something that has really taken off in the fashion industry in a big way.”

The dyes in the new line are created by hand by Armentiers team.

“It’s all hand-made and hand hand-designed, and there’s a lot more detail and a lot less hand-painting, so there’s less of that process that people do in traditional fashion,” Armentie said.

And with all of Armenteria’s new ditches, Armentini said that the company is hoping that “the public will see that it’s a really unique piece, that the design is actually handmade.”