‘Truly The World’s Greatest’ — Here’s how the Super Bowl can be the greatest event in sports history

The Super Bowl will have the most viewers in history.

But it’s not all about numbers.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Superdome.1.

Make the most of your seat.

If you can’t get into the stadium, you should have the best seats.

If you’re on the road, you can always head to a nearby bar or hotel.2.

Use your mobile device to scan QR codes.

If your smartphone is not compatible with the QR codes, you’ll need to use the Superbowl app.

If your phone has the app, you will be able to scan your QR codes on the app.3.

Use the hashtag #SuperBowl to show your support for your team and your favorite player.

It will be an honor to face the Atlanta Falcons.

This will be a very special day for all of us.

Be a part of the experience and let the Superbowl be your favorite Super Bowl!4.

Be respectful.

If it’s raining, stay indoors.

If people are breaking the law and there’s a big fight, just say “NO!” and walk away.

This can also be a way to let people know you’re safe and to make people feel safe.5.

Use social media to get your message out.

Just like with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, make sure to share this event and other important information.

It can help your message get out to more people and to get them to show up.6.

Dress appropriately.

Everyone will be wearing their best.

Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes.

Some people might think you’re dressed to impress.

Some will think you are dressed to be a dick.

Just remember, this is a Super Bowl, so everyone needs to wear their best and have fun.7.

Stay on top of your schedule.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

Don’t get lost in your excitement.

You need to plan ahead.

You can get up earlier than usual and you can take a shower or two.

Get your priorities straight and you’ll be fine.8.

Have fun.

The Super Bowl is a fun experience, but it’s also a chance to get to know the city you live in.

This is a chance for the whole city to meet and learn from you.

Take it all in.

Donate to the Atlanta Superdomes Fund and help spread the word.