A $10,000 gift for a family’s clothing donation

A family has donated their entire wardrobe to help out with their clothing donation, according to a tweet by the company.

The family, who live in Jerusalem, tweeted Monday morning that they had donated all their clothes to a charity organization and were now donating their clothing to the organization in order to make sure it is used.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support, but we are now also donating our clothes to charity, and to make the most of the clothes we have given,” they wrote.

“We will donate the rest of the clothing in our life, which will be used for other purposes.”

The company added that the family donated everything from shirts to dresses to shoes.

The tweets were made public Monday, just hours after the company posted that it had raised $1,300 to purchase a new shirt for the family.

The tweet also said that the charity had received nearly 1,000 items of clothing donated by the family, including sweaters, hats, shirts and pants.