Adidas to debut in the market with new baby clothes

Adidas will launch in the US with new fashion-inspired baby clothes in November, with the new styles being designed to appeal to a range of styles in baby-wear categories, including baby apparel, baby sleepwear and baby clothes.

The new baby clothing line is expected to be available from mid-November, with prices beginning at $60 for a pair of white Adidas Baby Comfort Plus diapers, which can be ordered online.

The company has previously announced plans to launch baby-friendly clothes in China and Europe this year.

Adidas has yet to announce pricing or availability for the new lines in the UK, though it is expected that the new line will be available in the coming weeks.

The brand’s new line of baby clothes has been inspired by the styles of its flagship baby brand, adidas Originals, which have been popular in the past.

It follows the company’s new children’s clothing line for boys in 2018, which features a range that includes swimwear, baby clothes and baby furniture.