How to make sure your favourite brand’s clothing website is safe for women

You can make sure the clothing you buy on the internet is safe by checking the safety measures listed on your shopping cart.

Women’s clothing brands should always check their safety measures on their sites to ensure they are compliant with Australian regulations.

If you’re unsure, you can always ask a member of the public if they think the clothing on their site is safe.

For example, women’s shopping site Superstore has a list of recommended safety measures.

For more information on what is safe to wear in Australia, visit

Some women’s brands are not required to have safety measures, but are encouraged to do so.

These include: Victoria’s favourite clothing brand Victoria’s Own has a safe wear policy, which is good advice for any woman shopping online.

Superstore also recommends that women’s fashion brands do their own safety check and ensure they have a safety plan in place.

The company recommends that consumers check their website regularly and ensure the safety of their purchases is taken seriously.

If a brand does not follow the safe wear guidelines, they can face fines or have their clothing recalled.

The safety guidelines are: Always wear protective clothing in all circumstances.