Which Is The Best Soft Serve?

Sweet Honey Clothing, the company that makes Sweet Honey clothing for children, has released a new soft serve called Sweet Honey Basket.

The basket features a sweet honey flavor, which you can taste in the basket, and a box of goodies to give to your little ones.

The company, which also makes a baby food and a baby formula, says it is the first soft serve in the U.S. to feature honey.

The Basket has a box full of goodies, including baby formula and honey, and includes a soft serve box, a honey jar, and even a sweet hamper.

Sweet Honey says the basket was developed with the goal of increasing the amount of honey in soft serve products.

The honey-containing ingredients include: Honey, Honey-Sugar-Mint, Sugar, Flour, Maltodextrin, and Corn Starch.

Sweet honey is a non-GMO, non-dairy and gluten-free food. 

The Basket was created by Sweet Honey with the assistance of the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The Honey Baskets have been made in-house since 2008, and the company says the first batch was made in May.